To make sure your device successfully turns ON and pairs with your ActiveLook application:

1) Fully charge your ActiveLook eyewear

Depending on your model, the charging mode of your glasses may differ.

  • Pogo pins: Simply snap the magnetic charger to the metal pins visible on the module.

  • USB cable: access the USB connector that is behind the nose bridge. For some models you may need to remove the nose bridge completely for access.

Charging time is approximately 2 hours. A fully-charged battery will allow for approximately 12 hours of use under normal conditions. The battery is integrated into the ActiveLook module.

It is possible to increase battery life slightly by disabling the gesture sensor.

Battery level must showing at a minimum of 10% in order to perform any software upgrade.

2) Turn your eyewear ON

Models with a button : press 3 seconds on the button in the central part of the glasses. Maintain the button press until the green LED is steadily ON.

Models with a touch zone : place your finger on the central part of the glasses above the nose. The light of the green LED will blink. Hold your finger in place until the LED stops blinking and remains steadily ON.

Once on, the glasses will be discoverable by Bluetooth for connection to your mobile app or wearable device.

A long press of the power button will turn the glasses OFF. The green LED will no longer be lit.

3) Disconnect your eyewear from other devices

Your glasses can connect to only one device (data source) at a time. Disconnect your glasses from any other device or application before attempting to connect to another app.

To do so, force-close any ActiveLook-compatible applications. To disconnect from a Garmin device, exit the Garmin activity or app into which your ActiveLook datafield is installed.

4) If necessary, delete previous eyewear option.

If your device or app has been previously paired with another eyewear ID, it will be necessary to delete the preexisting device to enable a new connection:

  • In the ActiveLook mobile app, go to the 'eyewear' tab. Then tap 'Searching for eyewear' to launch a new scan.

  • On your Garmin, open the Connect IQ application, search for ActiveLook datafield in the list of installed datafields for your device, erase the 'Glasses Name' variable. (See our help article on datafield configuration : here). At next launch for your Garmin activity, the datafield will scan bluetooth and connect to the first ActiveLook eyewear it finds .

  • On your Apple Watch: Tap the glass icon on your watch application. tap 'new glasses' button to launch a new scan.

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